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  • How to post a job on Facebook?11/29/2020

    Hiring great talent is a difficult task for recruiters and hiring managers in recent times. With traditional hiring methods, human resource manage ...   [more]

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  • Video interviews 8/2/2020

    Traditional interviews have limited ability to assess soft skills and weaknesses of the candidate, instead try the following five innovative techn ...   [more]

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  • THE 25 BEST MANAGEMENT 12/13/2017

    The modern leadership movement is based upon the principle that leaders aren’t born, they’re made. The arts of leadership and management, like all ...   [more]

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  • This article is basic for me.2/15/2017

    I respect this look so much, and you look so happy! Just keep updating much helpful information so examined like me would return over and over.   [more]

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  • Employee Files9/7/2013

    After employees quit their job, how long should HR keep their old employee files (including tax info, evaluations, sick days taken, etc.)?   [more]

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  • Materials for Training8/31/2013

    Is HR responsible for the creating on training manuals and such?  If so, who should help them with this task (managers...)?   [more]

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  • Recruiting8/29/2013

    Where are the best places to conduct recruiting events looking for new employees in the e-commerce business?   [more]

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  • HR Twitter Account8/26/2013

    Would an HR Twitter account be a good way to keep employees informed on company events and changes to policies?   [more]

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  • Payroll Programs8/25/2013

    What software programs would I need to know if I'd like to work in a payroll department?   [more]

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