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9 Companies Hiring High Paying Part-Time Jobs Now

Looking for a new part-time role due to COVID-19? Although hiring has slowed down, companies are still actively hiring part-time roles during the pandemic. From transportation, investment banking, to healthcare, companies are premium high paying part-time jobs. We browse thousands of jobs on Glassdoor (among the millions!) to cherry-pick a few that seemed especially interesting and lucrative.Read more at:

ahsan15 Replied on 6/1/2020 at 12:31 PM

The travel industry today has been one of the most dynamic wellsprings of riches for nations that accentuate on this multimillion dollar industry. Nations, for example, Dubai, Malaysia, Switzerland and France are on the whole striving to offer the most ideal types of assistance to the outsiders that drop by and one such model would respect the vehicle administration.

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