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Facebook and Jobs today!

Privacy is a common concern on a social networking website such as Facebook. However, the seriousness of this problem intensifies when you are looking for a job. If you are not careful enough, there are chances that all your posts can be seen by your prospective employer. Inappropriate images and comments have caused employees to get fired from an organization or rejected during recruitment itself. Given the fact the almost everybody uses Facebook today it wouldn’t be a waste of time to tweak the privacy settings, allowing only selected people to view your posts.

What shouldn’t your employers see on Facebook?

1.     Don’t post anything that would eventually become a hurdle in getting a job.

2.     Abstain from posting any comments that could be interpreted as discriminatory, racist or even sexist.

3.     Hide pictures from your timeline that show you in an ominous light. Change your privacy settings for albums so that your employer doesn’t get to see the photos.

4.     Remove posts on the wall from friends that are either objectionable or defamatory. An employer would never want to hire someone who isn’t respected by his near and dear ones.

5.     What groups are you a member of on Facebook? If you are a member of a group that reads “Facebook Addicts” consider leaving it as it might portray you in a wrong light.

Changing privacy settings while looking for a job

Here are some privacy settings that you should change at the time of searching for a job.

•        Ensure that only friends can see your photos and videos.

•        Make sure your political or religious views aren’t visible to anyone other than those in your Friends list.

•        These privacy settings also give you the opportunity to get a preview of your account profile so that you can see exactly what the outside world will see on opening your page.

With more and more people getting onto social networking websites, companies’ HR personals now prefer to check the online profiles of prospective employers to know about their personal as well as professional lives before hiring them.


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Informative article-Thanks for sharing.

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