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Google India and Jobs

Given the fact that India is struggling hard to get over the economic slowdown, talent management has become crucial as industries accumulate their human resources to face tough times ahead. In order to have an employee working in the same company for years together, it is important that he is happy with the working atmosphere. Every year a survey is conducted that judges how a company fares on the employee front.

Search engine giant Google has been consistently topping the list of best workplaces in India. This means that employees working at Google are the happiest. So, what made Google come out victorious? Well, simply because of their out of the box thinking that doesn’t pressurize employees. This 50 billion dollar startup implements some unmatched processes and practices that are found in no other company in India.

The perfect example for this is their new hires’ trip to Mountain View, California. All the newly hired employees were sent to attend a program called “Googler 2 Googler”. This gave the employees a platform to share their knowledge on a wide array of subjects from web technologies and complex coding to the latest trends in the field of communication. In addition, Google managers are also allotted a certain sum of money to be spent on outdoor fun activities.

Unlike conventional methods followed in other companies that force the employee to focus only on achieving sales targets, Google allows employees to figure out how they can accomplish their objectives in the least possible time. Google boasts of an incredibly empowering environment that keeps the employees stress free so that they can concentrate on their respective projects. Most IT companies are infamous due to their long working hours and a bad office ecosystem that eventually makes the employee shift to other companies.

Employees are the asset for every company and their loyalty is important for long term success. Allowing an individual to share knowledge and enhance his thought process will not only assist in his personal development but also help the company grow. This is exactly what Google believes is the key to success.


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Informative article-Thanks for sharing.

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