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Rise of E-Commerce in Asian Subcontinent

Electronic commerce or E-commerce is a medium of buying or selling various products or services through various electronic means such as internet or other online computer networks. You can buy or sell anything that you want such as buying various electronic items, clothes or holiday packages. E-commerce is gaining popularity in Asian countries like China and India and there is so much to discuss about the rise of e-commerce in Asian subcontinent.

As per the latest estimates and reports, the global e-commerce market is poised to grow in a very large number with estimated $1 and half trillion in sales and Asian subcontinent comprising China and India are expected to overtake America by year 2014. The emerging economies in Asian subcontinent will be the largest contributor to the growing e-commerce industry and China is expected to see 65 percent growth this year.

As there is a marginal increase in the spending power of Indians the country is witnessing the increase in e-commerce as more and more Indians are buying and selling various products through online networks thereby leading to rise of e-commerce in Asian subcontinent. With the increase in the number of mobile users in India people prefer to transact through their smart phones and other smart handheld devices.

Another reason for rise of e-commerce in Asian subcontinent is growing number of Internet users in countries like India and China. As more and more foreign direct investment is coming to these countries and relaxation in business norms given by government policies resulting in growth of e-commerce. With the rise in e-commerce, India and China are expected to be growth engine of global online travel industry. Various online travel agencies and ecommerce portals are advertising their products aggressively so as to capture every potential customer.

As supply chain management is combined with technology the e-commerce industry is increasing and is creating strong infrastructure for the future generations to come. Rise of e-commerce in Asian subcontinent is beneficial for the consumers as they can directly get in touch with the seller thereby resulting in exclusion of the middlemen and hence getting products at discounted prices.



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Informative article-Thanks for sharing.

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