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Engineering-MBA - The Path To Success in India Inc

The job market is pretty competitive. You need to not only be good at what you do but also do the right things at the right time.

Looking atthe most appealing jobs for a career minded professional in India, it seemsthat an Engineering degree followed by an MBA postgraduate qualification is theguaranteed path to success.

So what makes an Engineering-MBA degree the best?

In atechnological era, engineers work in a wide variety of fields and jobs frombuilding bridges and other constructions to working in fields like environment,healthcare and aerospace. An engineering degree will equip the professionalswith the right knowledge and experience in one of the broadest fields intoday’s job market. Analytical and technical skills combined with knowledge inmathematics, design and environment can be applied to other fields such aseducation, agriculture and law, to name just a few. This qualification followedby an MBA can lead to a rapid career progress in a managerial position or evenCEO.

The field of engineering in India

Engineeringis one of the most popular qualifications as people retire all the time fromsuch positions and the array of jobs and careers available won’t reduce in thenext decades. You can apply for a degree in Engineering though technicaluniversities in India. In order to get a good job at the end of the studies, itis better to be admitted at one of the top institutions that offer engineeringcourses. Some of the jobs on offer than are anticipated to be on demand foryears to come are: mechanical engineering, civil engineering, computerengineering, etc.

What is thenext step after getting your qualification? Climbing the career ladder with asingle degree can be tough in today’s competitive job market in India. Manyprofessionals consider continuing their studies with either an MS or MBA. Whilean MS qualifies you further in the chosen field, an MBA, short for Master ofBusiness Administration, gives you a credible qualification for a managerialposition.

Inconclusion, if you graduated or you already work in the field of engineeringand want a promotion, an MBA is the right path to a better salary and a betterposition in the company. You will have the right skills – problem solving,research, analytical skills – to contribute to the company’s growth which will differentiateyou from the competition.




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Informative article-Thanks for sharing.

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