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IT Career in India Today -Worth it?


The job sector which never goes out of demand is InformationTechnology (IT). As the technology advances, it creates more and more vacanciesfor the candidates. . However, these vacancies in turn demand that thecandidates must think and act out of the box, they should be capable ofbringing in innovation and they should always be updated with the daily changesthat happen in the field of technology.

As such IT career in India or anywhere is worth only forthose who can keep up with the regular changes in the products and servicesthat IT companies offer and the related demand patterns of the consumer. IT isone of the job sectors with highest pay rate however to demand this pay intoday’s competitive environment one should be a creative thinker and not justan ordinary college pass out.

IT career in India is worth if you are the person withunconventional yet promising thoughts, dedicated to work and have an aptitudeof growth. However, if you stick to a single work pattern and find it hard toadapt the changes, this sector may not fulfil your desire of securedincome.  The IT job market is vibrant andit equates to the technological enhancements now-a days.

Talking of opportunities for the potential candidates, thereis no dearth. Every small in house company looks for designers and developers.The large companies seek high end application developers.  Online marketing and analytics are thegrowing branches which ask for the knowledge of IT to an extent.  Then there are outsourcing projects fromother countries. There are various global IT hubs in India. Some of thepromising jobs in IT sectors in India relates to:

Mobile applicationdevelopers: Look at the popularity that Smartphone have. The demand forSmartphone has given a rise to the demand of IT graduates who can design anddevelop unique mobile applications.

Networking:  The demand of networking professionals in ITsector never fades. The responsibility of smooth moment of data andcommunication in and out of the organization depends on the work on networkingspecialists

There are multiple other options in IT which one can pursue.Each offer is lucrative in salary and has good future prospects.




aniket Replied on 3/31/2015 at 5:58 PM

Informative article-Thanks for sharing.

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