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Engaging in Social Recruiting


In our memory, down the lane, we all can clearly remember thedays when advertisement for jobs used to be prominent in the career section ofweekend newspapers. Local and nationalized newspapers and the last pages of fewof the magazines used to be filled with Job position for candidates. But nowthe time has changed. We are living in electronic-era, where everything that weneed is available online including the information about vacant positions incompanies from all over the world. The shift has been possible due toadvancement in technology.  Andrecruiters have well caught up with the changes.

Such is the impact of online communication that engaging insocial recruiting is not just an option but almost a necessity for every smallscale to large company. Let us review what these social recruiting platformsare and how do they work.

Linkedin:It is the fastest catching up professional network site and is the first choiceof recruiters as well as job seekers. Comprehensive professional information,view of detailed review and recommendation, instant connection, messaging tothe potential candidates is what it offers to the recruiters.  And job seekers can know about the brandimage, the services which the company offers can view the companies’ websitethrough posted links and also connect to its employers.

Facebook:  Entirely different from Linkedin but anotherequally effective social platform is ‘Facebook’. Where Likedin tells about theprofessional aspects of candidates, Facebook gives a picture of their generalinterest and social behaviour. Companies cannot find the curriculum vitae ofcandidates on Facebook; however they can visit their social profile and knowwhere the capabilities and interest of person lies and how the company canutilize the talent by recruiting the person. However, the main purpose of company’sfacebook pages is to create public engagement in the offerings of the company.

Twitter: Acreative advertisement tool is Twitter. Job vacancies can be successfullyadvertised in just few words and can be well sent to the targeted audience.

Engaging in social recruiting is a combination of skill andart. To write the job posting in effective words is a skill whereas to attracta pool of good candidates is an art.





Riya Replied on 12/15/2015 at 5:14 AM

For starters, 14.4 million job seekers have used social networks to find jobs, and 73% of companies have successfully hired a candidate with social media. While these numbers are fine and good, they mean absolutely nothing if recruiters don’t know how to use social media for recruiting—which seems to happen more often than not.

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