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Food and Hospitality Sector– The Rise

The food and hospitality industry is a vibrantbooming industry that includes hotels, restaurants, gaming, entertainment,nightclubs, bars, travel and tourism and many more things. This industry reliesmainly on free time and disposable income. The food and hospitality industrystarted to rise in 2010 as it recovered from recession. Nowadays, the industryis heavily recruiting as demands for quality hotels, resorts, restaurants and service places increase in the market. With many restaurant chains and fast food chains opening up there are a lot of opportunities for people with degree in hospitality in finding jobs. Most restaurant chains like McDonalds, KFC andother chains hire people that are efficient and are knowledgeable in hospitality.

The food and hospitality sector has recently seen an increase in people that are looking for jobs in the industry. Many sources of hospitality jobs have been seen stepping up the campus recruiting of entry level managers. With the ever increasing opening of restaurants, fast food chains, restaurant chains or takeouts the hospitality sector has been heavily recruiting people to work in these places. Another area that has seen heavy recruiting are resorts and hotels that want people who are well versed in hospitality to serve their customers.

The hospitality sector has many careers that provides with a dynamic work environment along with the potential to earn a very good living. A few of the most desirable jobs in this sector are hotel manager,event planners, executive chefs, concierge, maitre d, meeting and convention planner. Many universities and colleges offer accredited programs in hospitality that also include internships and work experience. A good education along with experience and the willingness to serve others are the key requirements for those wanting to do jobs in this sector.

The year 2013 is expected to see a dramatic rise in jobs in the food and hospitality sector. The evolving concept of taking luxurious vacations as well as leisure travelling has seen people wanting deluxe experience with top quality service to enjoy their time from work. The hotels are increasingly employing people who are proficient in the art of hospitality to offer top quality services to their customers. Also, nowadays one can see an increasing trend of restaurants serving new and exotic foods to health conscious people excited with new food experiences.  Recent years has seen an increasing number of people holding meetings in conference centers in hotels providing top quality service. Nowadays, with growing economy and with people earning a lot of money, the food and hospitality sector has seen a rise as more and more people do not mind spending in quality vacations and new experiences.


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