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Five steps to help your new recruits get on board

It doesn’t make sense: companies spend big money recruiting and interviewing, then barely pay lip service to ensuring it’s a smooth transition for new employees.Most employers think that ‘onboarding’ is a checklist of paperwork and login details, a few handshakes from the team, and a quick tour around the office. But sadly, a plan that focuses on making the employee feel appreciated, part of the company culture and above all welcome, is often overlooked.More information:

Maynard Replied on 3/15/2018 at 11:27 AM

Maximum employers suppose that ‘on-boarding’ is a tick list of workplace paintings and login info, a few handshakes from the crew, and a quick excursion across the workplace. but regrettably, a plan that specializes in making the employee sense preferred, part of the enterprise organization lifestyle and especially welcome, is often left out .[url=]Best Academic Essays[/url]

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