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Main Problems That Affect the Development of the Education System

To not dwell too much, I will only refer to three problems that affect basic education, since the importance of it (due to its demographic scope and its multiple repercussions in the other levels of the school system) is beyond doubt. Those problems are:1.The fact that the academic achievement that students enrolled in primary and secondary education generally obtain is insufficient for the educational system to adequately perform the functions that correspond to it in contemporary society (e.g., valuation training, citizen behavior, productivity, inter-generational social mobility, etc.).2.The unequal distribution of opportunities for access, permanence and learning, which is undoubtedly the factor that most directly influences the poor effectiveness of the school system.3.The inefficient and opaque use of financial resources as well as the intervention of the National Union of Education Workers (SNTE) decisions that should be reserved for education authorities (such as education reform, the allocation of places and teacher evaluation).If anyone wants more information about the development problems in education so feel free contact me infect am also provide for college students.

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