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Companies looking to maximize values from consulting services

According to Darwin's Theory of Evolution, only the best survive. His theory has been proven time and again especially during bad times when the bad seeds are weeded out. During the economic downturn over the past few years, several charlatan and fad consultants who provide generic ideas and insights are quickly exposed. On the other hand, branded consultants who have a reputation for innovative ideas and pragmatic solutions will continue to add value to corprations as companies scrutinise more closely the value of such consulting services. Good consulting focus less on the costs and more on the value that they deliver to clients. In a recessed economy, clients need insights not only how to manage in a shrinking market but also on how to continue to invest to grow in emerging or niche markets. In bad times, companies also often need creative solutions that have never been previously used by them. In an up economy, companies can grow without outside advice yet they have money for consulting services. In a down economy, companies have less money for consulting expertise, but need it more. In a down economy when there is less demand for consultants, the supply has increased as many former employees naively envision consulting as their career redemption. These paradoxes reveal consulting realities and opportunities of current market conditions.

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