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NRIs Head Back To India for Career Opportunities

NRIs Head Back To India for Career Opportunities

With the fall in Rupee and unavailability of skilled professionals in India, the inflow of NIR’s is making a huge difference to economy. 

In a study, it has now been seen that employers are experiencing an arrival of around 60% of human capital from various countries. When compare to the statistics of 2011, approximately 60% of organizations have confirmed that the number or emigrants have increased. Professionals who had first move abroad for economic gain are seen returning back to India for the same reasons. 

India has an enormous talented and educational base, but in the past individuals preferred moving abroad due to huge career opportunities. With more growing opportunities in India there is a huge inflow of workers; the reasons stated for the professionals to move back are job securities and a better future.

How Will This Helping India
The markets abroad are technologically ahead in some areas when compared to India; but with the flow of such professionals there is going to be a huge share of improvement in Indian Companies. The senior professionals moving in are not only armed with advanced technological knowledge but also have years of experience. As they have worked in an advanced environment, their experience is a great opportunity for Indian companies to move forward.

Here are some reasons and tips from the professionals who have moved back to India
India is a dynamic growing market; the career opportunities in the country are high.
There are a lot of problems settling in but the work here is a lot of fun. 
There is not much difference between the east and the west it is just the company you work for. 
Work in the east is relationship driven and informal but in the west it is professional; even when working with co-workers, clients or partners there is a professional business environment.
The economy of the east is unpredictable and competitive; there is a huge learning experience here due to constant changes.
When working with others in India the energy is high which motivates you to work harder and reach your goals.
For an entrepreneur India is a great place to start as the business growth here has just begun.
Even though the quality of infrastructure and manpower is challenging peers/partner’s here are more supportive and understanding.

It may be challenging to settle in India but it is a great career choice and one must not be too judgemental during the transmission. And for those who are returning back after a short stint it’s not only a career change but also a happy to be home time.


Riya Replied on 3/31/2016 at 4:17 AM

According to a study by, nearly 60% of all the surveyed employers said that they are experiencing an influx of human capital from foreign shores. This is backed up by the statistic that nearly 60% of the organisations say that compared to early 2011, the number of expatriates in their organisation have definitely increased.With a steady flow of foreign nationals and migrants returning home to fill vacancies for senior level positions, reverse brain drain is expected to be one of the key highlights of India Inc’s future recruitment landscape. Highly skilled professionals are returning home seeking the economic opportunities that they once sought abroad.


aniket Replied on 3/31/2015 at 5:22 PM

Informative article-Thanks for sharing.

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