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Since its foundation in 1988, the Group’s business has grown exponentially. Projections for the next few years suggest the expansion is set to continue. The back-story to our success is the growth of India’s middle class. Their demand for goods and services places an ever-growing demand on the nation’s infrastructure, in terms of ports, power, water and transportation. The Government has struggled to keep pace and, as a result, invited the private sector to contribute. The opening up of the energy and infrastructure markets is a huge opportunity for Adani. Our coal mining, cargo handling and power generation activities are projected to increase four to 10 fold over the next decade.Number one edible oil brand in India Alongside the group’s core integrated infrastructure operations, Adani has interests in agribusiness through a joint venture with Wilmar of Singapore.Adani Wilmar owns a highly successful range of cooking and baking products, including Fortune - India’s largest selling edible oil brand.We also operate agri storage facilities at our port at Mundra and other locations in India. It is another example of how expertise in one area can support initiatives in another.Number one private thermal power producer in India India’s State enterprises have struggled to meet the rising demand for energy.Estimates suggest that by 2020 the private sector will account for 40% of electricity generation, with Adani being the largest player; with eight plants and 20,000 MW capacity. This compares to our capacity of 4,620 MW at the start of 2012 and our expected capacity of 10,000 MW by the end of 2012.Our coal mining and logistics operations place us in a commanding position. More than 75% of our electricity is pre-sold in long-term arrangements, leaving us free to trade the balance wherever the best profits are to be found. Number one private port in India 95% of India’s international trade comes through its ports. The fastest growing ports are run privately like Mundra, which we own and operate.Mundra benefits from deep draft, first-class infrastructure and SEZ status. It is connected via road, railway and pipelines to the economic heartlands of North and West India.We are planning five other ports in India and Australia and aim to increase our annual cargo handling capacity from 52 MMT to 200 MMT by 2020. Number one coal importer in India For years India has faced challenges in obtaining the natural resources necessary for growth. At Adani, we are well placed to help overcome those challenges.We are developing and operating mines in India, Indonesia and Australia as well as importing and trading coal from many other countries. We also have extensive interests in oil and gas exploration.Extractive capacity is scheduled to increase from 3 MMT of thermal coal in 2011 to 200 MMT per annum by 2020, making Adani one of the largest mining groups in the world.

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