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Intel Coporation paid $125 million to purchase InfiniBand from Qlogic, maker of data-center networking cards and switches, on Monday.Infiniband is a networking fabric technology, just like as Ethernet, but has not still been used widely. It was established in late 1990s and was considered as possible rival of corporate data centers as it was chosen as high-speed networking standard of choice to simulate things like complicated weather patterns and subatomic particles.Experts have reported that Intel has done this purchase in order to move into big businesses.According to Kirk Skaugen, vice president and general manager of Intel’s Data Center and Connected System Group, in almost six years, the 100 most powerful supercomputers of the world will utilize almost 50% of as many processors as Intel’s server group sold in the year 2011.“One reason why we acquired the Qlogic team is we believe that over time we’ll have a tighter coupling of the processor and the fabric technology as we go after the high end of supercomputing,” Skaugen says.Intel expected that by the year 2018, systems will be developed               that could do “exascale” computing i.e. 100 times that of Japanese Ministry of Education’s K Computer that can do about 10.5 quadrillion calculations per second.Infiniband can help Intel to connect a lot of different things like PCs, printers and other such systems.“Why is Intel interested in this space? It used to be a niche of a niche, and supercomputing used to be things that nobody thought you could make any money on,” Skaugen says. Now supercomputing and cloud computing represent the two fastest growing parts of Intel’s server business.“The largest supercomputers in the world are getting much larger, and have actually been growing at about two times Moore’s law,” he says. Moore’s law is the long-running industry maxim that states the processing power of computers will double about every two years.“Technically when you look at what it takes to do an exascale… it requires a very deep integration of the computing power and the fabric technologies,” says SkaugenRead more: http://saypeople.com/2012/01/24/intel-corporation-has-acquired-infiniband-in-order-to-accelerate-computing-technology/#ixzz1zZSRCoxR

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