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Cardica Inc.

Cardica designs and manufactures proprietary stapling devices for surgical procedures. Cardica’s stapling technology is designed to minimize operating time and to enable minimally-invasive and robot-assisted surgeries. The company manufactures its automated anastomosis systems, the C-Port® Distal Anastomosis Systems and PAS-Port® Proximal Anastomosis System, for coronary artery bypass graft (CABG) surgery and has shipped over 25,000 units throughout the world. In addition, Cardica is developing the Cardica Microcutter, a true multi-fire endoscopic stapling device designed to be used in a variety of procedures, including bariatric, thoracic and general surgery.During CABG procedures, a surgeon takes a small part of a blood vessel from another part of the body and attaches it across an area of severe narrowing or blockage, "bypassing" the portion of the artery that is impairing blood flow to the heart muscle. The connection of this vessel, the anastomosis, is often considered the most critical aspect of the procedure.We believe that by replacing hand-sewn sutures with automated systems, our C-Port® Anastomosis Systems (C-Port systems) and PAS-Port® Proximal Anastomosis System (PAS-Port system) allow cardiovascular surgeons to perform consistent, reliable anastomoses with even the smallest of vessels, ultimately improving patient outcomes. The C-Port systems are commercially available in the United States and Europe. The PAS-Port system is commercially available in the United States, Europe and Japan.In addition, Cardica is developing the Microcutter, a true multi-fire endoscopic stapling device designed to be used in a variety of procedures, including bariatric, thoracic and general surgery. Current stapling technology requires the user to remove the stapling tool from the surgical site after each deployment to exchange cartridges. The true multi-fire endostapling technology of the Cardica Microcutter allows the surgeon to perform successive deployments without the need remove and reload the stapling device. Our Microcutter is also significantly smaller than other endostaplers currently on the market and we believe this product may revolutionize the stapler/cutter market.  Today, the worldwide market for stapling and cutting devices associated with laparoscopic surgical procedures is approximately $1 billion.

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