Distribution Manager

Manage ordering & distribution of goods. Ensure timely deliveries to maximise sales. Liaise with the forwarder on the timing of arrival of goods.   [more]

Shipping Supervisor

Organise receiving & issuing of goods. Manage shipping operations & ensure proper documentation. Ensure quantity & quality of goods   [more]

Shipping Assistant

Prepare shipping documentation. Knowledge of LC/BL. Ensure smooth delivery & handle customers' enquiries. Verification of freight invoices, cycle count, etc.   [more]

Operations Executive

Manage warehouse operations & ensure proper documentation. Plan cargo schedules. Inventory control/management and reconciliation of suppliers' invoices.   [more]

Warehouse Manager

Plan for efficient storage & systematic retrieval. Manage all warehouse activities. Proper upkeeping of the store and warehouse. Identify reliable and cost efficient freight forwarders.   [more]

Warehouse Supervisor

Manage warehouse operations. Receive, stock-take pack. Ensure Procurement shipment.   [more]

Warehouse Store Assistant Operations Assistant

Basic warehouse operations. Receive, stock-take & packing duties   [more]

operations shipping Operations Director

Effectively plan and direct all aspects of the logistics and supply chain initiatives   [more]

Commercial Director

Responsible for heading the whole commercial team. Managing the vendors, and management of procurement and contracting arrangements for the Project   [more]

Shipping Manager

Managing of Shipping operations ensuring proper documentation.   [more]

Operations Manager – Sea-freight Ocean-freight

Managing of Seafreight operations ensuring timely deliveries.   [more]

Operations Manager – Airfreight

Managing of Airfreight operations ensuring timely deliveries   [more]

Cold Hub Manager

Managing of Cold Hub/Cold Chain operations ensuring timely deliveries.   [more]

Commercial Manager

Lead and supervise a team of Commercial Specialists. Group level responsibility for multiple categories of spend.   [more]

Commercial Specialist

Responsible for optimising trading relationships by consolidating spend across internal clients.   [more]

Customer Service Manager

Lead and supervise a team of Customer Service Representatives and responsible for management & execution of elements of key Customer Interface Process.   [more]

Order Fulfillment Manager

Manage a team of order administrators, handle all aspects of order fulfillments, from order booking to invoicing & closure of orders.   [more]

Logistics Manager

Effective management of daily logistics and warehousing activities ensuring prompt and professional delivery service to customers.   [more]

Logistics Analyst

Responsible for analyzing monthly overall logistics spend and cost driver including freight and warehousing management.   [more]

Logistics Specialist

Responsible for the coordination of all day-to-day operational and logistics activities at the Singapore Distribution Center involving both distribution center operations and freight management.   [more]

Supply Chain Manager

Lead efforts in streamlining efforts towards order fulfillment as well as drive global inventory control policies and procedures of high technology products and services.   [more]

Demand Planner

Responsible for demand planning capability for the product line and customers to ensure demand creation and fulfillment activities from Sales and Marketing are fully rationalized.   [more]