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QlikTech was founded on the belief that business intelligence (BI) should be about business users. Traditional BI solutions have become bloated, complex software stacks, leaving users confused and frustrated. For 18 years, QlikTech has focused on simplifying decision making for business users across organizations. We pioneered new approaches to accessing, managing, and interacting with data. Our QlikView Business Discovery platform is recognized as a groundbreaking solution. Combined with a r... Read More

Address      Global Headquarters 150 N. Radnor Chester Road Suite E220 Radnor, PA 19087
Website      www.qlikview.com/us/
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Expert Service Consultant

KEY RESPONSIBILITIES & TASKS                       

    * 顧客要件を良く理解したうえで最適なテクニカルソリューションの提案を行う。


    * 特にセキュリティ、Webテクノロジ、3rd Party製品に精通し、強みを持っていること。

    * 日本国内の顧客に対しオンサイトでQlikView導入支援作業を行う。

    * QlikView Server & Publisher製品についての社内チャンピオンとなる。

    * 社員、顧客、パートナーへの技術トレーニング

    * QlikTech社内におけるナレッジ共有の支援

    * プロジェクトの様々なフェーズにて顧客の期待値をコントロールする。


    * 良好なコミュニケーションスキル、プレゼンテーションスキル

    * 社交的で集中力があり、成功に向かう強い意志を持った誠実な人物

    * プレッシャーのかかる環境下でも他者と協調出来る能力

Qualifications and Experience

    * 大学学位またはエンタープライズソフトウェアのインプリ経験


    * ビジネスレベルの英語能力
    * ビジネスレベルの日本語能力
    * その他言語能力があれば尚可

Experience (technical, commercial, industry / product / functional expertise, etc.)

    * データベースやSQL等のテクノロジーに関連する広範な知識を持ち、新しいソフトウェアや技術を迅速に習得する能力
    * LDAP、AD、Siteminder等のシングルサインオンを含む認証と許可に関する知識、および社外向けWebサイトの設計構築経験、ASP.NETやAJAXに関する知識
    * ポータル製品に関する経験(MS SharePoint等)
    * ハードウェアやソフトウェアのパフォーマンスやスケーラビリティ、管理方法等の理解
    * ソフトウェアに関する問題のトラブルシューティング
    * BI環境における問題解決能力があれば尚望ましい
    * 60%程度の割合で出張や常駐の可能性あり

Your Responsibilities:

    * Analyze customer requirements and develop proposals of technical solutions
    * Specialise in the areas of security, web and third party integration
    * Provide onsite implementation consultancy for customers throughout France
    * Become an internal champion for our QlikView Server & Publisher products
    * Training of employees, customers and partners
    * Assist in the internal knowledge transfer within QlikTech
    * Manage the balance between meeting customer expectations and being responsive to QlikTech needs

 Your Profile & Skills :

    * University degree or equivalent experience of successful enterprise-type software implementation experience
    * Broad knowledge of a range of technologies and an ability to rapidly learn new software and techniques. These will include: Database knowledge and SQL skills
    * Understanding of authentication & authorization including Single-Sign-On technologies e.g. LDAP, Active Directory, Siteminder Experience of designing & implementing secure external facing websites and some knowledge of web technologies such as ASP.NET & AJAX
    * Experience of Portal technologies e.g. MS SharePoint Understanding of hardware and software performance, scalability and management
    * Trouble shooting software issues
    * Excellent communication, listening, presentation, and writing skills
    * An outgoing, focused and organized person with a strong will to succeed Ability to work well with others in a high-pressure environment
    * Excellent verbal and written English and Japanese language skills
    * You will ideally have a Business Intelligence background with the ability to solve problems in the BI environment

Other Job Information

Vacancy type:

Full Time

Contact Mode:

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Job Duration:

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+1 (888)-828-9768



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