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Learner Services Advisor

EDUCATION: Bachelor’s degree in related field required; master’s degree preferred.
EXPERIENCE: Proven experience within a higher education setting with emphasis working with students to achieve academic success and providing student services. Office and computer experience, excellent oral and written communication skills and student services/customer service experience required.
PHYSICAL: Reaching, bending, dialing, writing, talking, and hearing capability; ability to exert force to lift, move, and/or carry objects up to 40 lbs.
SKILLS EXPECTATIONS: Energetic; customer-oriented attitude; excellent organizational and computer skills; self-motivated and goal oriented; ability to facilitate team effort as well as ability to work independently; excellent written/oral and interpersonal communication skills; ability to work quickly to meet deadlines; strong work ethic, and willingness to learn and improve in all aspects of the position.
VIII. BASIC FUNCTION/PURPOSE OF THE POSITION: The learner services coordinator will assist students in the development and ongoing achievement of their educational goals. The coordinator will offer a particular emphasis on academic planning based on a comprehensive knowledge of the university’s academic programs, requirements and support services. The
Learner Services Coordinator Effective 8/20/2008
2 of 3 Revised 04/05/2012
coordinator will provide students with excellent student service with an overall interest toward the promotion of student success and retention based on performance metrics and in support of the mission of the university as defined by the university president and the board of governors.
A. Proactively contacts students on a regular basis to build and maintain rapport and serves as the student’s advisor as a first point of contact to ensure questions are answered and concerns are resolved.
* B. Ensures continuing and re-entry students are advised and registered according to proper course placement and to the quarterly goals.
* C. Assists the campus academic dean with contacting students who need to appeal their suspension status and provides guidance to at-risk students to ensure student success.
* D. Confirms students’ change of registrations to ensure accuracy for processing.
E. Calls students as needed to procure forms. Ensures student forms have been sent and received.
* F. Conducts or participates in student withdrawal procedures, attendance counseling, grievance committee and generalized problem-solving with individual students.
* G. Assists students and graduates with career development/placement.
* H. Enrolls students in CampusVue, updates student contact information, enters assessment test scores, and other daily processes.
* J. Understands university processes and policies to be used daily in university services and assists in maintaining up-to-date information.
* K. Ensures quarterly registration campaigns are arranged and communicated to students each quarter.
* L. Refers students to tutor services when needed and assists students with questions related to library services.
* M. Contacts students and ensures course registrations are appropriate to ensure proper prerequisites are met (if students do not attend remedial courses the first term).
* N. Utilizes Microsoft Office and CampusVue to produce documents and interpret data.
O. Ensures quarterly processes are conducted such as the review of the pre-requisite report, course overload report, independent study paperwork, change of campus forms and other day-to-day functions.
* P. Monitors faculty completion of attendance procedures to assure compliance with university guidelines and participates in weekly attendance meetings.
* Q. Monitors student mid-term alert processes.

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