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SW Engineer

 As a member of the NETGEAR SPBU Software Development team you will design and develop embedded software for NETGEAR set top boxes and other connected devices. This software includes portions of the operating system, services and device drivers which interface with various hardware components, media codecs for encoding and decoding digital and broadcast media, middleware components and stacks which support device functionality, user interface components which provide interactive display for the user, and various device startup, build and integration software scripts.

Job Responsibilities:

    * Create and modify application and service level software components in Android and embedded Linux operating systems
    * Modify and build Android and Linux OS configurations and modify corresponding build and rootfs files and scripts
    * Develop or modify software for interfacing with system drivers such as LAN, WLAN, DVB, CIFS, NFS, Storage, IR, RF, etc.
    * Develop, modify, or integrate software to support broadcast media technologies such as EPG, OCAP, CAS, DSMCC, EIT, PSIP, SAP, etc.
    * Create and modify back end services and use or implement service oriented communication protocols
    * Integrate and modify third party software components such as DRM, Web browsers or extensions, VOD, DLNA, UPNP, as well as third party applications such as Android APKs
    * Develop or modify application implementations of third party APIs
    * Develop or modify PC, handheld or tablet software to provide enhanced interoperability functionality with NETGEAR devices
    * Develop or modify protocols for communications and interoperability between devices using standard protocols such as UPnP, SMTP, IGMP, HTTP, CIFS, RTP, and others, or develop new capabilities using UDP and TCP sockets
    * Develop or modify implementations of multimedia codecs, file container decoders and splitters, metadata decoders and encoders, etc.
    * Develop or modify tools and scripts used to build NETGEAR software
    * Develop software to test and exercise own code. Debug and test own and others’ code to find and resolve software defects

Skills and Requirements:

    * Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or equivalent
    * Minimum 2 years experience in software development in embedded systems
    * Experience in C/C++, Java, JNI, Linux programming and configuration, csh/bash scripts
    * Experience working with Android SDK, NDK, and Android source frameworks
    * Experience with HTML and JavaScript programming
    * Experience working with Linux kernel and device drivers
    * Familiarity with networking protocols (HTTP, DHCP, TCP/UDP, IGMP) and knowledge of socket programming
    * Familiarity with multimedia technology such as codecs, data compression (video & audio), media containers and formats, media streaming
    * Familiarity with media streaming frameworks such as MS PlayReady, Widevine, Flash, Silverlight, etc.
    * Familiarity with application frameworks such as JME, OpenGL, DirectFB, QT
    * Experience using development tools such as CVS, SVN, GIT, GCC/G++, ANT, Eclipse
    * Experience debugging software using tools such as GDB and ADB
    * Experience tracking and maintaining defect information using Test Director, Bugzilla or similar tools
    * Ability to work independently developing new code as well as tracking and resolving issues.
    * This position requires a close working relationship with team members in the NETGEAR SPBU software team as well as the extended Netgear team, including engineering, QA, operations, sales, customer support, marketing and program management
    * Good verbal and written communications skills

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Full Time

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91 11 26207575

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91 11 41207446



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