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Software Engineer

Varies Position Description Software Development focuses on implementing activities such as evaluating and acquiring, designing, constructing, unit testing and supporting software solutions based on business requirements in a variety of design/coding/testing environments, such as graphical user interface, database query languages, report writers, and specific development languages. Software developers consult on the use and deployment of software products and applications, and understand the business environment. Participates on process improvement action items. The Software Developer is responsible for ensuring that solutions meet business needs by: Developing product/solution architecture based on customer requirements written from business requirement document and/or business requirement specifications. Converting requirements to functional requirements to develop software code that is accessible, usable, efficient, re-usable, cost effective, maintainable, reliable and installable. Designing and modeling program/code for an integrated software product or system that supports re-use, change and integration of various components. Constructing software, which meet requirements, promote re-use of software components, and facilitate ease of support. Conducting unit tests, tracking problems, and implementing changes to ensure adherence to test plan and functional requirements Diagnosing, isolating, and implementing remedies for system failures caused by errors in software code, using knowledge of system characteristics and utilizing software based system maintenance and tracking tools. Provide input and technical content for technical documentation for user help materials and customer training. Desired Profile Education and Experience Requirements Years Experience 5-7 years in Information Technology (or equivalent) Previous Work Experience Graduate degree preferred or equivalent work experience for senior positions in Computer Science/Engineering or other related field Having Industry experience of nearly 5 to 7 years on Windows with Java/J2EE1.4 skills: Requirement Analysis and detailed design Web services JAXWS JSP, servlet, java script JMS Hibernet JSF/struts SOAP Advanced experience, certification/training or skills in Microsoft operating systems, development environments, architecture design, software design and methodologies and software configuration management Understanding of customer requirements and analysis Key Areas of Responsibility Requirements Analysis Provide technical consulting to product manager during the formulation of customer and product requirements. Analyze customer and product requirements to formulate technical and software requirements Develop, evaluate, select and document optimal architecture that meets customer requirements Provide expertise regarding the effects of the business needs Perform functional analysis of requirements to determine estimates of resources (people and equipment), size of the software products, efforts, schedules and critical computer resources. Assist with determining release management metrics Establish acceptance criteria and quality goals Issues software requirements to configuration management to establish a baseline Provides estimates, goals, standards, constraints and dependencies as input to the SOW and the software development plan Software Design and Specification Develop functional specifications to meet system architecture and requirements Design software components and linkages and document the design in specifications Define strategies to capture reliability and performance metrics Develop software prototypes to evaluate against and synchronize with requirements Participate in choice of alternative solutions from a development perspective Conduct design reviews Software Construction Construct software per requirements and design while maintaining adherence to source/build control procedures Follows coding standards and the software development lifecycle defined by the organization Document program code according to local specifications Conduct software code inspections and reviews Perform software configuration management per local specifications Debug software modules Track and control defect and customization changes Understands the value and process of software quality assurance Unit Testing Develop Unit Test Specifications and Plan Review systems and document test plan Develop testing schedule and timeline Monitor project schedules relative to testing Identify and engage required testing resources Evaluate internal and commercially software testing tools; select appropriate tools Scope Added to Local level Work Environment Working Relationships: Due to the different interfaces of Software Developers, this information should be added at the local level. Challenges of Work: The challenges in this role include the following: Acquiring clear definitions of requirements Maintaining knowledge on new or changing development processes, tools and technologies Responding to constantly changing business conditions and requirements Managing pressures to deliver on time while maintaining established quality standards. Competencies Attributes NCR Values Respect for Others We base our working relationships upon trust and respect. To be successful, we team globally across boundaries, valuing individual differences. We communicate openly and candidly with each other and extend our team spirit to partners, customers, and the communities, in which we live and work. Customer Dedication We are dedicated to serving customers by leading our industry in understanding and anticipating customer needs. We create long-term customer relationships by consistently delivering quality, innovation and value that meet or exceed expectations. Highest Standards of Integrity We are honest and ethical in all our business dealings. We keep our commitments and admit our mistakes. We know our companys reputation is built upon our conduct. We make the NCR name worthy of trust. Commitment to Excellence We are committed to uncompromising excellence. We set ever-higher quality standards and work together to continuously improve. We embrace creativity, encourage a growth-oriented culture, and apply innovation in our processes, ideas, products and services--to achieve best-in-class performance. Accountability for Success We take personal ownership for the success of our company. We are accountable for the resources entrusted to us. We perceive profit as the means to fuel new solutions for our customers, create opportunities for each other, and reward the financial trust of our shareowners, while applying all of our Shared Values. High Performer Characteristics Client Service Oriented Works to anticipate internal and external client needs. Has an overriding commitment to client satisfaction. Innovative and Resourceful Draws from a large pool of diverse resources or information. Develops new approaches for situations in which standard approaches do not apply. Adaptable Adjusts to multiple demands, shifting priorities, ambiguity, and rapid change. Accepts and adapts to new or alternative approaches. Knowledge/Skill Proficiency Level descriptors 0 1 2 3 4 Lacks practical experience or training to apply knowledge/skill Comprehends basic concepts; needs support from others Handles routine tasks; applies knowledge/skill independently Performs complex tasks and can lead/coach others. Externally recognized thought leader/subject matter expert in knowledge/skill area SW Engineering Core Competency Set Proficiency Level Skill ID Skill Name Basic (Level/Band) Intermediate (Level/Band) Advanced (Level/Band) IG20 IT Trends and Directions 2 2 3 KO10 NCR's Business (Offerings or Solutions) Knowledge of 2 2 3 PA10 Problem Solving & Analysis 2 3 3 FX35 Project Management 1 2 3 KO70 Improves Quality and Process 1 2 3 KO20 Focuses on Customers 2 2 3 Analysis and Planning Competency Set Proficiency Level Skill ID Skill Name Basic (Level/Band) Intermediate (Level/Band) Advanced (Level/Band) PA30 Needs Analysis 2 3 3 PA20 Risk Analysis 2 3 3 PA02 Research 2 2 3 PA01 Analysis and Planning 2 2 3 Technical Communications & Consulting Competency Set Proficiency Level Skill ID Skill Name Basic (Level/Band) Intermediate (Level/Band) Advanced (Level/Band) PW91A Verbal Communications 2 2 3 PW90A Written Communications 2 2 3 PW92A Presentations 2 2 3 TG18 Technical Consulting 1 2 3 KO30 Creativity and Innovation 2 3 3 TG13 Technical Writing/On-line Documentation 1 2 3 Business Management Competency Set Proficiency Level Skill ID Skill Name Basic (Level/Band) Intermediate (Level/Band) Advanced (Level/Band) PW40 Negotiation & Conflict Management 1 2 3 PR60 Manages Multiple Priorities 1 2 3 FS61 Business Knowledge & Acumen 1 2 3 PW50 Adaptability to Change and Ambiguity 2 3 3 [Competency Set Name 4] Proficiency Level Skill ID Skill Name Basic (Level/Band) Intermediate (Level/Band) Advanced (Level/Band) TA08 Client Server Analysis 2 2 3 TA12 Functional Requirements Analysis 2 3 4 TA16 Joint Application Development (JAD) 1 2 3 TA21 Modeling (Physical): Data-Process-Events 1 2 2 TA18 Logical Data Modeling 1 2 3 TA23 Object Oriented Development 1 2 3 TA03 Software Development Methodologies 2 3 4 TA02 Software Delivery Technologies 2 3 3 TA34 Testing 2 3 3 TP18 Configuration Management 1 2 2 TT05 Functional Design Architecture 2 3 3 TG01 Client/Server Computing 2 3 4 PX03 Synthesis 1 2 3 TG11 System/Technology Integration 1 2 3 TA26 Programming/Software Construction 2 3 3 TA13 Human Factors Interface (GUI) Design 1 2 3 TT12 Applications Architecture 1 2 3 TT02 Computing Environment 2 3 3 TA01 Software Delivery Process 2 2 3 Experience 5 - 7 Years Industry TypeIT-Software / Software Services RoleTeam Lead/Technical Lead

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