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Carriage Services Inc.

Founded in 1991, Carriage Services experienced phenomenal growth in the first 21 years. Here’s why.Carriage Services is:    * The leading consolidator of family owned deathcare businesses    * The leading provider of professional funeral and cemetery services and products in the US    * The fourth largest publicly traded deathcare company    * Prepared to serve families from diverse cultural and religious backgrounds    * Focused on providing services which include the planning and coordinati... Read More

Address      3040 Post Oak Blvd. Suite 300 Houston, TX 77056
Website      www.carriageservices.com/
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Family Service Counselor

Summary and Mission

Assists families in making interment arrangements through the selection and purchase of cemetery property, merchandise, and services on an at-need or pre-need basis by ensuring that every client family is presented every option, provided the most professional and ethical service possible,  and that their experience with the business is of the highest quality.
Key Responsibilities

Responsibilities and essential job functions include, but are not limited to the following:

·         Meets with client families at the time of need or on a pre-need basis, to ensure that they are presented with all options pertaining to interment, cemetery property, and related merchandise and services.

·         Establishes a professional relationship with client families to ensure that all needs are being met.

·         Represents the company in a professional and caring manner, maintaining a professional personal appearance and employing honesty, integrity, and ethical methods of performing duties.

·         Attends services and visitations for client families whenever practical to foster relationships, ensure excellent service, and develop potential referrals.

·         Completes required paperwork, insuring proper interment and compliance with all relevant state and industry regulations.

·         Maintains positive and proactive communication and cooperation with all departments to ensure a smooth service process for the family.

·         Schedules and conducts aftercare appointments to ensure client family satisfaction and obtain referrals.

·         Develops new prospects and community-based contacts on off-duty days, evenings, or weekends or through telephone solicitation.

·         Makes presentations at the business location, at client family homes, and at public community events highlighting merchandise, services, and the benefits of pre-need arranging.

·         Actively participates in all required location and company training initiatives.

·         Reports all progress to the sales manager (or unit leader) as directed, completing and submitting all required reports in a timely manner.

·         Consistently meets or exceeds company standards in revenue generation in order to maintain employment and benefits eligibility status.

·         Complies with all company procedures for customer service when dealing with families, handling complaints, post-interment service activities, and other duties necessary to ensure quality service levels.

·         Protects confidentiality of company and client family information, including sales and marketing programs and materials, names and addresses of client families and employees, and other related information.

·         Maintains strict adherence to pricing structures and submits all paperwork, contracts ,and payments (monies) to the business office within prescribed timeframe.    

·         Other duties as assigned.

Experience and Education

·         College degree or some college preferred.

·         Proven track record of success in outside sales production strongly preferred.
Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

Working knowledge of sales and customer service, including:

·         Ability to read, write, and speak English fluently.

·         Effective and professional communication skills, with an emphasis on verbal skills and the ability to resolve and respond to issues in a professional, friendly, and courteous manner.

·         Ability to rapidly assess the needs of client families and quickly adapt to changing circumstances.

·         Meeting our “Being the Best” standards for services and commitment to client family satisfaction.

·         Ability to empathize with client families and demonstrate tact and patience in emotionally charged situations.

·         Ability to effectively utilize all sales training and techniques to fulfill production requirements.

·         Commitment to the value of our services with a sincere desire to proactively solve any problems encountered by our client families.

·         Ability to read and interpret Company policies, procedures, contracts, insurance documents, and pricing structures or lists.

·         Ability to effectively present information to client families, co-workers, and leadership.

·         Ability to effectively work and develop sales leads and referrals from recognized sources and approved methods.

·         Ability to compute discount, interest, profit and loss; commission, markup and selling price; to calculate surfaces.

·         Ability to be proactive and willing to take initiative in all circumstances.

Other Job Information

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Full Time

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Job Duration:

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