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Will Spinos be the go-to mount for bosses after patch?

Hii..With the TLC pass, the Spinosaur will now be able to operate in both a bipedal and a quadruped stance. When on two legs the Spino will move slower but be able to bite and use its claws to do increased damage, while on four legs it will be able to move faster.There's also verbage about a buff when it fights in water but that's irrelevant to the boss arenas (I think, is there any stream or such in the Ragnarok arena?). In any event though, the Spino already has "comparable" damage to the rex if I remember correctly, less damage per attack but a faster attack speed. Wondering if this pushes them over the big guy?Thanks!I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.References:-[url=]Big Data Solution Video[/url]

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