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30 companies hiring now

Here is a 30 companies list which are hiring right now despite our recovering economy.

1. Amazon

Amazon is tapping into new markets including the SaaS industry. The giant is on the lookout for new talent. 


ADP does business across the borders and is always looking for skilled people to add to its already impressive list of employees.


The Citi group is looking to expand even more in the future and hence is hiring extensively.


The company is adding professionals from all the way across the country.

5.Thomson Reuters

Thomson Reuters caters to different customers and is always on a lookout to hire competitive employees.


Avanade is joining forces with other names to grow for which it is looking to hire more manpower.


With the launch of Windows 8, the company is looking forward to launch Windows 8 Apps and software for which it needs talented developers. Additionally, the company is also trying to make Windows phones bigger for which it is extensively hiring.

8.Pitney Bowes

Pitney Bowes is hiring in different areas including Engineering, Finance, Software Development and Sales and Marketing. 


This recruitment solution provider is recruiting talented candidates to increase its pool of talent.

10.Toys R Us

With demand for toys not dying down, Toys R Us needs more hands to help them meet demand, and so they are now hiring in large numbers.


Sears wants to improve their product line to facilitate their customers in a better way and welcome anyone in the team who can help them with it.

12.AT & T

2012 has been marked by the release of many popular phones and tablets which has forced AT&T to raise their ‘Now Hiring’ boards. Though there are vacancies at many of their branch offices, most of the openings are for their Dallas Headquarters. 


There are many job opportunities at UPS for part time delivery drivers. True, the jobs are temporary, but there is a chance of full time employment as well for anyone who puts up an exceptional performance.

14.UnitedHealth Group

The company is planning to increase its business and has announced numerous vacancies at their Operations Centre in Texas. 


Unisys offers global career opportunities due to its thriving business.

16.US Cellular

The eighth largest wireless telecommunications network in the US is working hard towards growing even more. 


The award winning internet service provider is looking to grow more and provide even better service by hiring competent employees.

18.Life Technologies

With new innovations in research and technology, there is always a reason for Life Technologies to hire.

19.Starbucks Coffee Company

With the company adding more items to its menu and growing its reach, there are a lot of jobs for talented individuals.

20.Compliance Search Group

Compliance Search Group is always looking to hire talented, educated and experienced individuals.


Trying its best to compete with the likes of IBM and DELL, HP is always looking to hire people that can help it grow.

22.Arrow Electronics

Growing demand for industrial and consumer electronics mean there is need to hire more people to fulfill the demand.


Improving global financial conditions means there are more people looking to invest, resulting in Mercer hiring extensively.

24.Living Social

LivingSocials’s growing popularity is making the company increase its number of employees. 

25.Home Depot

With more and more people shopping online, Home Depot is always looking for more people to make sure that items are delivered at the right time at the right place in the right condition.

26.Matrix Resources

IT industry is growing by leaps and bounds giving Matrix Resources an opportunity to grow as well by hiring more people. 

27.Novo Nordisk

Novo Nordisk is always trying to provide people with the best healthcare solutions. In its attempt to do so, the company is always open to competent individuals.


Chartis, now a global phenomenon, is gearing up to grow even more for which its HR department is hiring widely.


The recession is gradually ending and Bloomberg is looking at hiring more people again.


Weatherford is increasing its horizon looking for oil everywhere for which it needs capable people.


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Riya Replied on 12/9/2015 at 5:03 AM

Fo which post and in which country? salary package?


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Thanks for sharing.


JenniferH Replied on 8/2/2013 at 6:32 AM

In which country / countries is Amazon hiring? I would definitely be interested in the opportunities they have to offer.

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