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Neptune Technologies & Bioresources Inc

Neptune Technologies & Bioressources Inc. researches, develops and commercializes proprietary bioactive ingredients and products with superior added-value and clinically proven health benefits. The Company extracts a range of bioactive ingredients such as novel proprietary omega-3 phospholipids from abundant yet underexploited marine biomass including Krill, a cold deep water zooplankton. Neptune’s first commercially available product is Neptune Krill Oil (NKO®), which represents the only clinically proven and scientifically acknowledged marine omega-3 phospholipids with cardiovascular, cognitive and anti-inflammatory benefits for human applications and which exhibits unmet safety, purity and stability and consequently denoting a new level of excellence in omega-3 standards.Neptune is pursuing market opportunities in the nutraceutical market including dietary supplements and functional foods. The Company is benefiting from opportunities in the pharmaceutical market through its pharmaceutical subsidiaries Acasti Pharma and NeuroBioPharm (including medical food, over-the-counter and prescription drug applications).The Mission of Neptune is to:    * Research, Develop and Commercialize Novel Marine Bioactive Ingredients    * Pursue opportunities in the nutraceutical markets          o Dietary Supplement          o Functional Food    * Exploit pharmaceutical applications          o Subsidiary Acasti Pharma Inc: Cardiovascular diseases          o Subsidiary NeuroBioPharm Inc.: Neurodegenerative diseases    * Validate Superiority, Safety & Effectiveness    * Protect Intellectual Property    * Enter Commercialization Alliances and Partnership Licenses.

Address      225, Promenade du Centropolis Suite 200, Laval, Québec Canada, H7T 0B3
Website      www.neptunebiotech.com/
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